Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell on the Internet?

No, we are a "hands-on" business dealing personally with customers from the initial sale through to delivery. Many of our products are made for us and will not be available on the internet.  If you see something on the Internet which you are interested in - bring us details - you may be surprised at what we can do!

Do you have sales or events?

No. Our target market is the discerning furniture buyer who recognises lasting quality and genuinely competitive pricing. We focus on the price you pay, not any apparent reductions - please compare our prices - we defy you to find better. We regularly clear surplus stock and end of line products - when we do so, these products are marked as a single price which genuinely reflects the reduction.

How long is delivery?

Stock items can be delivered within 3-5 working days - if it is urgent even sooner.

What happens, if you do not have the item in stock and we need something urgently?

Where possible we loan you something and then replace the loaned item(s) with the ordered item(s) when they arrive - FREE of CHARGE.

Do I have to take the day off work for delivery?

No, we deliver during the day and in the evening.

Do I have to buy a bed frame with a mattress?

No, you can buy any mattress or any bed frame separately and usually in a variety of sizes.

Do you sell special size mattresses?


Do I have to buy chairs with a table?


Can I buy just 1 chair?


Are all your ranges imported?

No, much of our furniture is hand made for us in the UK - where we use imported ranges we are very selective and, of course, we unpack and place the products ready for use (unless not required).Our aim is to make the customer happy before we leave - customer care is very important to us!

Where are your wardrobes, chests and beds?

These are located mostly in the 2 showrooms behind the front showroom.

We have searched the Internet and several shops for a particular product but cannot find it. What shall we do?

Come and talk to us - if we can help we will.

Do you put everything you do on display?

No, we have hundreds of items on display, but that is only a small portion of the thousands available. If there is something particular you are looking for we may be able to help.

We bought some furniture from you 10 years ago but recently had an accident and damaged it. Can we contact you for advice on how to repair it?

Yes, bring us details of your purchase and we will do our best.

We bought some furniture from somebody else who is no longer in business and we need to match it. Can you help us?

Bring us details and we will do our best to advise you on any options available.

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